At Archer Travel, we believe a job in travel should be rewarding and fun. We also know that our success depends on your success so we are dedicated to assisting you meet your goals and aspirations! We provide you the tools and training that will help you and we are always there to assist you.



  • Earn 70% of commissions from travel sales


  • Customizable branding and marketing materials
  • “Agent Finder” directory listing on the consumer site
  • Graphic Design Support for flyers, web pages and other marketing pieces
  • Weekly training calls on how to market your own travel business
  • Personalized support from Archer Travel Management when requested


  • Specialized travel calls on resorts, destinations and cruise lines
  • Access to numerous low-cost and free live training tools
  • Social Media Training
  • Weekly Newsletter and E-alerts
  • Foreign Currency Education
  • Visa and Passport Information


  • Access to FAM trips through travel suppliers
  • IATAN and CLIA ID Cards
  • When you reach $5,000 in annual income from commissions from travel sales, you can apply and receive a Travel Agent ID Card from IATA. When you receive the card you can:
  • Stay at hotels up to half off or more
  • Cruises from only $35 per day
  • Special Travel Supplier Discounts


  • Live agent support during business hours
  • 24 hour emergency support
  • Complete access to Archer Travel senior management
  • Dedicated Training Agents
  • Live travel booking assistance
  • Marketing and sales support


Planning vacations and group travel sounds like a great job. And it is! In addition to being personally rewarding, the income you can earn as a travel agent is limitless.


How it works

When you book a client’s vacation, you earn a commission, which is a percentage of the travel purchased. Because of our sales volume and relationship with suppliers, we have some of the highest commissions in the travel industry.

Because of our longevity, relationships and sales volume Archer Travel has some of the highest commission contracts available. That means the highest possible commission payments for you! Whereas some host agencies offer 5% to 10% commissions, our suppliers payout average payout ranges from 14% to 19%.



  • Honeymoon Package Price: $7,840.00
    Total Commission: $1,489.60
  • Agent Split for a PTA: 70%
    PTA Commission: $1,042.72

In the above example, you would earn over $1,000 on one booking!

The best part? Your clients don’t pay anything to use your services. The commission is paid by the travel supplier. Travelers will have varying budgets for their vacations — some will spend thousands, and some will depend on you to get them the best value for their money. We can assist with both.


  • Cruise Base Price: $5,000.00
    Total Commission @ 15%: $750.00
  • Agent Split for a PTA: 70%
    PTA Commission: $525.00

Cruises are a very popular vacation and are relatively easy to sell. For just a few hours of work you can generate excellent commissions.

Not bad for assisting your friends, family and associates in their dream vacations and at no additional cost to them! Remember, we are paid from the cruise line.




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