1How long does it take to get set up as an Agent?
Once you complete our online application, your website is generated and ready to start selling and you are able to begin the online training. Once we receive your enrollment and your fee is processed, you are all set with your own ATA.RTA Agent website and back office access.
2How do I make money as an RTA or PTA travel agent?
When you make travel bookings for yourself or your clients, our travel suppliers (Cruise Lines, Tour Operators, Hotels, etc.) will pay a commission on the base travel sale amount before taxes and fees. The exact commission percentage can vary between 3% and 20%, with the average being around 14%. Whatever commission we receive, we pay you your percentage of that amount. Read more about commissions here.
3Do people still use travel agents?
Absolutely! There is a resurgence in the use of Travel Agents because we provide value and professional recommendations to our clients. Our company is growing because we provide the best value and recommendations for travel anywhere in the world.
4Why would people use me as their travel agent instead of just going to the Internet?
You will have some clients that prefer to book their own travel online. However, Cruises, Tour Packages and extended vacations are still most often booked by Travel Specialists. These trips require a lot of time, knowledge and organization. Travel planning can also be a daunting task when planning to visit a foreign country or book with groups of family and friends. You are their advocate who can handle all this for them!
5How and where do I get customers?
During your training, you will learn how to market yourself in your local community. Social Media is one of the best venues for connecting with clients. We can also assist in seeking out groups via schools, churches and sports programs and we can show you who to contact to present your services.
6How much money can I make as an Archer Travel Agent?
When you book travel for yourself or a client, our travel suppliers (like cruise lines, resorts, etc.) pay us a percentage of the total sale amount. Commission rates vary based on suppliers, but are generally between 3% and 20%. The average is 14%. We pay you 50% TO 90% of the amount we receive from the supplier. Let’s say you book an all-inclusive honeymoon trip to Mexico and the total cost for the couple is $5,000. The payout from the travel supplier is 16%, so the total commission is $800. The agent’s share is $400 to $720 total commission based on which option you choose and your sales volume.
7Why do I have to pay a fee to join the Archer Travel RTA/PTA program?
Your set up and monthly fee covers all the training, tools, and technology that we provide to help you start and run your travel agency. We are constantly providing our agents with updated technology and new resources that you can use to be profitable. As with owning any business, you need to invest time and money in order to be successful, and your membership fee allows us to build, maintain, and enhance what we can offer you as a travel agent.
8Are there any additional costs to join the Archer Travel Program?
9How do I get my own IATAN or CLIA Travel Agent ID card?
Once you join the Archer RTA/PTA program and generate $5,000 in personal commission income per year you will be able to apply and will receive this very important card. The card allows you to receive excellent discounts and travel opportunities. A small fee does apply
10Do I need a special licenses to be a travel agent?
Archer Travel is licensed and bonded in all 50 states and we have the capability of selling all travel components worldwide. By becoming an RTA/PTA with Archer your are covered by our licenses and you too can sell travel anywhere.
11How do I cancel my membership?
We hope you love being a part of the Archer Travel team, but if do you need to cancel your membership for any reason there is no cost and any commissions due you will be paid as we receive them. There is a small accounting fee to pay remaining commissions if you are no longer a part of the program as commissions may continue to be received after your cancellation. We also provide a 10 day money back guarantee – no questions asked. If you join the program and it is not what you anticipated we will refund your initial fee.

Is a home based travel business the right choice for me?

A letter from Ron Archer
President, Archer Travel Service, Inc.

Do you love to travel and have a lot of friends that travel? Would you like to be the person everyone calls to get ideas on where to go and what to see? Are you looking for an exciting, rewarding and flexible career? Full time or part time?

You ARE a Candidate for a Home based Travel Business!

In 1979, in my parents’ backyard over a Sunday afternoon dinner my Dad asked me what my plans were after I graduated college. “I have no clue,” was my answer. My father simply said, “Why not join the family travel business?” I had never considered this before so I asked, “What would I do?” My Dad told me to just go out and see if I could get local companies to buy airline tickets from our travel agency.

I started at Archer Travel in June 1979. We sold air tickets to BP Oil and Arco for the Alaska Pipeline. We sold tickets to Microsoft for their product rollout meetings that launched the Windows Platform. We even sold first class tickets to Siegfried and Roy for their white tiger cubs to come to the USA. We sold and continue to sell a lot of travel!

I have been around the world with my family since I was a small child; I met my wife on a Princess “Love Boat” Cruise and ate dinner atop the Eiffel Tower for my 30th anniversary. Let me say that my children should be named San Francisco, Scottsdale and Honolulu!

Travel is fun, travel is exciting and travel is an adventure!

Can I Make Money as a Home Based Travel Agent?

Like any other business the answer to that questions is simple - It depends on how hard you work, how dedicated you are to your business, and how much determination you have.

Making money is not based on luck. It is based on hard work, good creative ideas, attention to customer service, and most of all marketing yourself as a professional travel agent.

Know your product, respond quickly to your customers, and provide excellent ideas and information on what they request. We are here to help you!

Last year my wife and I escorted a group from a local Catholic Church to Rome. We then went on a 12 night Mediterranean Cruise with the group. That group cruise alone generated over $45,000 in commissions, and my wife and I went for FREE.

A $5,000 vacation for a family of four will generate between $500 and $750 in commissions to you. If you sell only one vacation a month you will make over $6,000 a year part time! Sell more, make more!

The Benefits of Being a Home Based Travel Agent

Work from home, enjoy flexible hours, make a good income, and travel at huge discounts. If you earn $5,000 a year as a travel agent you can receive your own Travel Agent ID Card. With that card you can:

  • Fly anywhere on Southwest Airlines for $66 each way
  • Stay at hotels at discounts of 50% or greater
  • Cruise for as low as $35 a day per person
  • Go on supplier sponsored “Fam Trips” at low cost
  • 50% or more off on airfares through many carriers for yourself and a guest

Besides the above, the travel industry is a very rewarding business where you work with customers to help them make their own dreams come true.

Are you ready to get started on your own Home Based Travel Business?



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